For us, technology is more than having state-of-the-art products, it is also the ability to deliver our customers and partners services with a high degree of reliability, capable of meeting their business needs.

Cisco Systems, Inc. is dedicated to the design, manufacture and sale of Internet Protocol-based network products and services such as Switches, Routers, Wireless, Network Management Interfaces and Modules, Optical Network, Access Points, Points. External and Industrial Access Services, Next Generation Firewalls, Advanced Malware Protection, VPN Security Clients, Email and Web Security.

Extreme Networks is a networking company that provides software-based networking solutions for corporate customers and service providers. The company designs, develops and manufactures wired and wireless network infrastructure equipment. It also develops software for network management, policies, analytics, security and access controls.

Ruckus offers a complete line of high performance network access infrastructure. The product portfolio includes Wi-Fi controllers, internal and external access points, wired Ethernet switches, a set of IoT, and private LTE (CBRS). It also provides network security, in-depth analysis, open APIs and management software, as well as professional services and support.

Worldwide, leading organizations rely on NetApp for software, systems and services to manage and store their data. We help companies and service providers imagine, deploy and evolve their IT environments. Customers also benefit from our open collaboration with other technology leaders to create the specific solutions they need.

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Versa Networks is a provider of virtualized networking functions and services. The company's software-based IP network and security IP Cloud run on x86 servers or white box appliances, combined with management, orchestration, and analytics. Its suite of advanced integrated network and security services offers Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) and Software-Defined Security (SD-Security) in the co-location, data center and cloud.

A10 Networks is a provider of software and hardware solutions that enable its customers to protect and optimize the performance of their datacenter and cloud applications and protect their users, applications and infrastructure against large-scale Internet, Web and network threats. The company offers a portfolio of hardware, software and cloud offerings.

With innovation, FS has grown to be a leading global provider of hardware solutions and communications projects. Based on strong hardware development, it offers the most cost-effective infrastructure solutions in optical transport network, data center, enterprise network and OEM solution. The number of global customers has grown over the years.